A weather application concept that notifies users when and where specific weather changes will occur.


Let users decide what type of weather changes they want to be notified for and when.

Main features

  • Set up warnings for what type of weather change and what kind of parameters that have to occur in a specific location in order to set it off.

  • View what kind of weather changes are going to occur in the future so you can anticipate accordingly.

The problem with other weather apps

Nearly every weather application I’ve seen and used has the same process: enter the application, find the needed information and then exit the application. This process forces a user to take action first and his needs may or may not be fulfilled afterwards which ultimately comes down to wasting a lot of time and distraction.

Warnings and filters

Warncast project - Warning list
Warncast project - Warning list filter warnings
Warncast project - Warning list filter locations

Adding location

Warncast project - Locations
Warncast project - Add new location
Warncast project - Search locations autocomplete

Warning for location

Warncast project - Warnings
Warncast project - Temperature settings for California
Warncast project - UV settings for California


Warncast project - Text notifications
Warncast project - Unit settings