A better Chrome new tab page that’s both functional and beautiful.

This was mainly a side project to dive into Chrome extensions and to get rid of the boring old default tab page. This was also a good opportunity to test and implement all different kinds of micro animations and copy.


Making new tabs in Chrome open a bit more fun to do through beautiful photography and fun interactions while still being very minimalistic.

Main features

  • Save up to 7 of your favourite websites, each having their corresponding icon automatically.

  • Have all your bookmarks organised.

  • Your agenda for the current day is always presented.

  • Receive notifications when a task is almost due.

  • Includes 150 beautiful high resolution background images

At launch

Launch project - At launch


Launch project - Tasks

Task notification

Launch project - Task notification

Current day's agenda

Launch project - Current day's agenda

Favourited websites

Launch project - Favourited websites

Bookmark organizer

Launch project - Bookmark organizer

Rescheduling agenda

Launch project - Interaction - Rescheduling agenda